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Ratuqq: What Is So Concerning About It?

by Eli Eva

We all have seen our fathers or uncles betting on the simplest games of solitaire during family gatherings, betting on sports, losing money sometimes, and sometimes even winning it. Doesn’t seem much, right? How exactly can it cause harm or why exactly is it so concerned over by our society?

What exactly is gambling?

Suppose you run into a group of people playing a small game of blackjack and betting money. You give it a try. You join them and bet half of the money you had in your pocket. In the first game, you won and got 3 times the money. It gave you confidence that you can play well; you end up betting half of what you earned and lost the game. You get restless; bet everything you were left with, and you lost again. In the end, you return home empty-handed, losing all the savings you had, your grandfather’s watch, even unable to buy food.

Gambling is betting money, taking a risk with a desire to gain more by playing games or betting on sports. Traditional gambling is still quite limited to online gambling. Ratuqq provides a larger platform and is available to everyone.


Ratuqq is so easy to access that one can gamble the whole day from their phone/computers without any complications. One can gamble without even being caught; your children could be gambling right in front of you. It’s so remote that people get addicted.

  • It affects people mentally, leading to stress and anxiety-related issues, depression; and like many addictions, it leaves you vulnerable and incapacitated.
  • It is highly risky, there’s a risk of bankruptcy, falling into legal issues, and fraud.
  • It even leads to people committing suicide, falling into criminal behaviors, and delinquency.

Ratuqq is much more dangerous than traditional gambling. People end up being in big depts., and even end up in life-threatening situations. Gambling is an addiction, just like drinking and drugs. Even though it’s still legal in a lot of places, one should avoid falling into the black hole of betting money.

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