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How to choose the right strategy for your current financial situation

by Eli Eva

Let’s start with this average situation while betting on 메이저사이트:

Let’s assume that you are currently earning at least $4000/month, then according to U.S Federal minimum wage (7.25 USD) an hour value, you can work 4 hours /day x 6 days /week = 24hrs/week = 1 day per week = 1 week per month = 2 months per year which means there are approximately 56 working hours in a month (24 x 2 = 48 + 8). Now, if you divide the number of hours above into your earnings each month, then it means that $4000/(56 × 4) = $68.57/hour.

So, let’s take an example to see how we can do this very effective strategy. For this very simple demonstration purpose we will choose Roulette game with 0.8% house edge and 98% RTP.


Now let’s assume that you will bet $100 on every round; the first thing you need to do is convert one U.S dollar into 0.064 gamblers units (GU). You can easily do it in your head: 1 / 100 = 0.01 × 10 6 = 0.0001 × 10 7. And then take this number and multiply by the number of units per single chip which is usually set at 25, 50, or 100; In this case, our calculation is: 0. 010004 × 10 7 = 2 . 5999999961881021 GU; Then divide this number by two because you have to bet on red or black to end up with 1 5999999961881021 GU, and this is the number of units for a $100 bet.

So, to be able to place your bets from low denomination currency into one U.S dollar amount, for our example, what you need is to divide your GU number by 25, which will give us 1/25 = 0.04 → multiply this value by 100 / 100 = 1 → add “0” at the end of this number → get 40000000000 (read 40 million) which represents how many times that you need to fold your unit before you can convert it back into dollar!

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