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How does black jack work? 

by Eli Eva

You have always wanted to play cards with your buddies in a casino but you do not know how blackjack works exactly? No worries, in this article we are going to discuss how blackjack works and we are going to give you a few beginner tips and tricks for blackjack, so you can already have an advantage compared to your friends.

The basics of black jack

Blackjack is amongst roulette one of the most played casino games in the world. The goal in the game is to get closer to the 21 points compared to the bank. The winning condition is when you get 21 points or you are closer compared to the bank, but you cannot exceed the 21 points. Otherwise you cannot win with black jack. Every card has a different value.

I already mentioned the fact that every card has a different value in black jack. A king, jack or queen is worth 10 points. One ace is worth 1 to 11 points. You also have the numbers one through ten. Which number is on the card, is the exact value.

As we have already discussed the win conditions and the points system. We are now taking a closer look at the game play of black jack. Every player gets at the start two cards. The dealer will say the points you have and you can now choose to pass or have another card. The bank starts with one card and after all players get their turn, the bank gets a second card. The bank must play till they have 17 points at least.

Blackjack in casino

If you play in a casino there are multiple chances to earn money. If you get black jack within two cards, you get in most cases 1,5 times the amount you put in. If the bank also got black jack you do not earn any money. If you have an even amount of points compared to the bank you do not win or lose anything. If you get more than 21 points, you have lost your money.

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